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Benefits of Laser Surgery

Tissue Ablation:  The C02 laser energy instantly vaporizes the intracellular water, ablating the cells, while leaving the surrounding tissue virtually unaffected.

Hemostasis:  Laser Energy seals blood vessels up to .6 mm in diameter as it cuts.  When defocused the laser becomes a very effective coagulation device, providing a clear, dry, surgical field for the surgeon.

Decreased Swelling:  Atraumatic vaporization of tissue ensures no brusing or tearing of tissue.

Decreased Post-Op Pain:  Seals nerve endings

Quicker Recovery:  Non-tactile removal of tissue means reduced edema.  The patient can resume normal activity at a faster rate due to less bleeding, minimum swelling and less pain benefiting patient, client, and veterinarian.   

Common Procedures
that Benefit from CO2 Laser Use
Eyelid Tumor Removal
Small Dermal Masses
Feline Gingivitis
Oral Mass
Lick Granuloma
Feline Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Feline Declaw
Ear Crop
Perianal Mass
Soft Palate Resection
Canine Neuter
 Benefits and Procedures