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“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my upgraded laser from UltraLase. I purchased my first UltraLase in May 2004 and have used it on nearly every surgical procedure I have performed since. I perform many feline declaws and the precision amd cutting power of the UltraLase is fantastic. In addition, I see a large number of canine dental cases with oral tumors and cats with stomatitis. The CO2 laser does a great job with removing the tumors and ablating hyperplastic gingival tissue. My patients have had the advantage of less pain and hemorrhage during procedures and we can tell they feel much better post operatively due to the minimal discomfort. I'm sure that I will never offer surgery again without using the UltraLase CO2 laser. Thanks so much for being available for customer support as well."
Bryan Murphy, DVM
Murphy Veterinary Hospital
Mary Esther, Florida
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